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Quick Tips For College Students Writing A Research Paper On Bullying At Schools

Bullying is a widely spread phenomenon that affects people of all ages and of different social backgrounds, but perhaps one of its worst and most damaging manifestations is bullying at schools.

Before you start writing your paper, you must research on what types of bullying there are, for example:

  • verbal bullying

  • physical bullying

  • emotional/social/psychological bullying

  • racial bullying

  • cyber bullying

  • homophobic bullying

  • Then there is another aspect the victim and their reactions.

    After you have decided what particular area you want to read about and which topic will become your topic, you need to formulate a research question. Your question should not be purely descriptive, for example, how something works or happens, but must be framed in such a way as to require a position, point of view or thesis to answer it. Here are some examples:

    • what are the main factors influencing the behaviour of X?

    • what are the differences between X and Y?

    • what are problems of X and how can they be solved?

    Having formulated your question, you are now ready to begin the research:

    • read a variety of texts related to the question

    • select five or six that are particularly relevant

    • write detailed notes of your own on each text

    • make bullet-pointed summaries of your notes

    • use your evaluation to create your own position which you will develop

    • read assessment criteria carefully and make sure you follow them

    Now comes the time to look for your sources. There are many kinds of sources: reference books, dictionaries, atlases, encyclopaedias, books of facts, magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals which are commonly found in libraries, and this is not to mention various online sources.

    Before you use information from an outside source, you should first determine if the information is reliable:

    • check the date your sources - must be current.

    • check the reputation of the author - what do you know about him?

    • check the reputation of the publisher - what company published the source?

    • what is the purpose of the publication on the website? - is it to support one side?

    • check the content - is it fact, opinion, or propaganda?

    • check the language - does the source seems to be well written?

    • check the quality of presentation - does it offer links to other sites

    Summing up: if you identify your research topic, formulate your question, find relevant sources and analyse them properly, your paper will be a success.


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