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How To Write My Research Paper Properly: Simple Instructions

Writing a research paper needs to be well planned and executed. Usually you need to explore wide varieties of scientific, technical or social issues based on the subject requirements.

Follow below mentioned writing tips to make your writing fall in place

  • Decide an interesting topic: Though you are confined within many parameters but it is advisable that you choose something that is interesting and full of knowledge as it will be an asset for your research paper. Make sure that the topic is new and inculcates fresh points pertinent to your academic level. If you love your topic, it will develop the passion of writing further.

  • Maintain originality of the subject: While you pick up your topic it is quite possible that other students are also writing on the same subject or have a close association with your topic. In that case maintaining uniqueness of the topic becomes quite difficult. Hence intensify your research and try to introduce something new and in a different from without straying away from the chosen topic.

  • Seek assistance from your professors: Professors are the perfect learned people that can provide correct solutions to all your queries. Even if you have miniscule doubt about your topic, clear them right there, otherwise it will destroy all your endeavors leading you nowhere. They can assist you with brilliant ideas and inspire you to introduce something new. Many of us are scared enquiring about our queries, but a genuine professor wants his students to be successful and will always provide him all round support. In case you want to change your topic, do not hesitate to do so before time.

  • Research: Pick minimum five sources for research as they validate your chosen topic. Check out various journals, encyclopedias, interviews, bog posts, articles, books etc.

  • Empirical research: Such research topics are a great work and many times are vouched by professors and experts as well.

  • Pay a visit to the library: Visit a local library, university library or a community library to collect your material. Seek assistance of the librarian as they can help you find the books quickly regarding your topic. Online help: Search engines, legitimate websites, blogs, online forums, some specific websites like .edu, .gov or .org websites are authenticated one to refer.

  • Go through academic database:Check out the research carried by other authors, go through their modes of writing, types of references used etc. Visit school library if required.

    Furthermore do the following

    • Explain your prepared notes well.
    • Organize them well after taking out print out.
    • Prepare a bibliography for reference page.
    • Stick to your objectives of writing.
    • Write an effective introduction, body and conclusion.
    • Write in respect of audience.
    • Proofread it.

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