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Useful Advice On High School Research Paper Writing

Writing a research paper at high school can be dreadfully intimidating. This is your first major foray beyond an essay and the sense of panic that this can invoke within some students can feel absolutely terrifying. However, this is no different from all of the other new things that you have had to take on board throughout the course of your life, and the quicker you can become accustomed to and to a certain extent roll with the change, the easier your life will be moving forwards. In case you are still to be convinced, here is my useful advice:

Choose a topic that excites you

If you are going to have to write this paper, then you may as well enjoy the process. By picking a topic that excites you then you are more likely to:

  • Put the time and effort that is required into the task

  • Be sufficiently engaged in the process to make revisions as you go

Start early

There are a few reasons why students don’t get started on their assignments early enough. Here are just a few:

  • They think they have ages

  • They underestimate the amount of work and that is required

  • They procrastinate

Procrastination can be fatal. It is also a trait that everyone, even adults are guilty of and the quicker you can learn to iron out this foible the better and more productive you will be.

Write with enthusiasm

Yes, you are a beginner but no-one wants to read a dreary, dull piece. There really is no excuse! Try and keep an upbeat tone and style to your writing. Yes, I know this can be difficult when you are not in the mood but positivity will get you a long way. Don’t mistake enthusiasm for humor. It is very difficult to inject an element of humor into your work – even people who have been writing papers for an eternity struggle to pull this off successfully. Therefore, I would urge you to avoid falling into this potential trap.

Stay on topic

It is very easy to go off message and deviate from the task at hand. This will only lead to all sorts of complications. You need to remain within the scope of your remit at all times. Practicing doing this now will definitely stand you in good stead later in life.

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