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A Guide to Academic Writing: Research Paper Thesis Statement Examples

When it comes to writing in college, students have to be prepared for research papers. Many subjects use research papers to demonstrate the extent of a student's knowledge of the class. To write the best custom research paper, students must have a strong thesis that is backed by extensive researching. These papers can take weeks and months to complete, so students should start working on them as soon as the assignment is received. For the best results, students can look up examples of a thesis in advance so that they have a good idea of what is expected.

A Thesis Statement

A good thesis statement must make some type of an argument. It is basically a road map for the entire paper. Once the thesis is completed, students must design the paper in a logical order that backs their thesis statement. Normally, this thesis statement will be just one or two sentences long.

Example Thesis Statements

While the North fought the Civil War for primarily moral reasons, the South's goal was to ensure that their institutions were kept alive.

For many years, Ayn Rand was considered an outside, extreme influence on the 1960s conservative movement. With the rise of the Tea Party, Rand's influence is now being reconsidered and thought to be larger than historians originally believed that it was.

The government's wire tapping laws were never foreseen by the founders of the United States and are out of line with the Constitution.

Mark Twain's book, Huckleberry Finn, creates a contrast between a life that is lived at shore and at sea to demonstrate the difference between nature and a civilized society.

Outsourcing has encouraged the rise in cheap wages in foreign countries. It is unethical to purchase these goods because it encourages the increase in low-wage paying jobs abroad.

With operations in Iraq winding down, many people are rethinking the United States involvement abroad. The benefits of this military action are different today than they were expected to be at the onset of the war.

It is fair for people who have lifestyle factors like smoking, obesity and addiction to pay more for health insurance coverage because they are more likely to utilize health services.

Women have often been excluded from key religious positions as ministers, priests and rabbis. In the modern world, this exclusion should be ended.

Children of working mothers have different living conditions and lifestyle outcomes than children with stay-at-home mothers. Much of the evidence against working mothers is negative because it is predominated by single parent homes. In two parent families, the outcomes are not as starkly different as commonly imagined.

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