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How To Write A Term Paper Title Page In The APA Style

There are three main styles of writing that are used for college and high school papers. Students may have to write their term paper in APA, MLA or Chicago style. To get a top score on an APA style term paper, students must learn the correct way to format their essay. From creating a title page to citing sources, these rules must be followed or the professor may give the student a lower grade.

  • Title Pages
  • For most term papers, students will be expected to create a title page. At the top of the page, the running head and page number should be included. This piece of information will be on every page of the essay, so it will help the teacher if the pages get mixed up or dropped. The full title of the essay should be in the center of the middle of the name, and the author's name should be beneath it. Following this, the teacher should write out the university that they go to. Depending on the professor, additional information may also be needed.

  • Formatting in APA Style
  • The remainder of the document will have a set formatting style. The remainder of the term paper should be typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt font. The margins around the top, bottom and sides should be one inch. In addition, students should remember to continue using the shortened title of the document and the page number on every page. As a rule, the running head should not have more than 50 characters.

  • Find an Example
  • Many students use APA style guides to help write their essay. This is a great resource to use, but it can take time to look up the correct way to cite every source and create a bibliography. To speed up the process, students should look up an example term paper in APA style. By doing this, the student can quickly and easily see the information that they need to include for each page. In addition, the sample bibliography can be used to guide the student in their own writing.

Like any type of writing, students should always edit and proofread the document before they submit it. Since most people have problems editing their own writing, students may want to ask a teacher, mentor or knowledgeable classmate for help. Once the essay has been thoroughly edited, it can be submitted to the teacher for grading.

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