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10 Great Political Science Topics For Your Next Research Paper

Political science is an interesting class to take, learning how the government works can be informative and tell you a lot about changes that might be needed in the system. When you are trying to come up with a topic for your research paper it’s hard to get a specific subject to cover. You need to get a topic that is interesting and one that has to do with the subject. Here are a few general topics that you can use as a starting point for your research

10 Political Science Topics

  • Pick a political movement, this can be something like the civil rights movement or in recent history the gay rights movement.
  • Pick a political party, you can look at their history, what they have done in the past and present or you can examine two parties and how they act in elections.
  • Pick a political figure, if you have a favorite political figure, then you can do a research paper on them.
  • International relations is also a good topic, not too many people know how much international relations pay a big part in our trade and other aspects of our lives in the United States.
  • Examine public policy and the laws that are in place.
  • Trade policy is also another good one to do. We get goods from countries around the world but what law and other restrictions are in places for this?
  • Tax reform is a big topic to do because there are so many places where people think we need reform but you need to find facts and not give you opinion on this subject. You can look at recent reforms or past ones for your paper.
  • Health care reform has been in the news for years now and you can look at the reform that we have in place and research if it would be better if we implement other countries’ health care reform.
  • Has the 14th Amendment and the privacy changed because of the Internet? You have probably signed on of these at the doctor’s office but with terms and conditions online, have we lost our privacy rights. Is it better or worse now?
  • What kind of influence do celebrities have on campaigns? During election season, you see celebrities supporting different candidates but do they have more influence on who people vote for, more than the actually candidate?

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