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10 Great Suggestions for Biology Term Paper Topics

If you are majoring in biology, you will need to write a term paper in order to pass the course. The first step that you should take is to select a good topic. It is recommended to pick an idea that you are interested in. Biology is a broad field of study, so it takes some time and effort to find the right one for you. You should also consider your potential audience and ensure that you have plenty of resources to develop your thesis point. The following list of great biology term paper topic suggestions will help you get started:

  1. Genetics and obesity.
  2. You could investigate how obesity is related to a certain type of genes. It is also interesting to find out what people should do in order to prevent obesity from happening to their children.

  3. Abortions and their effects on future pregnancies.
  4. Abortion is a popular birth-control tool, but it has long-lasting effects, which women should fully realize. You might also write about how to prevent some of these effects.

  5. Genetics and homosexuality.
  6. Some research is carried out on how genetics might determine individual’s sexual orientation. In your term paper, it will be interesting to describe what types of genes are responsible for bisexuality, homosexuality, and heterosexuality.

  7. Biological weapons.
  8. Biological technologies allow people to create dangerous weapons. Some professionals even argue that Ebola was such a weapon. There are many ethical and political issues involved that you could reveal in your paper.

  9. Alternative medicines.
  10. Many people believe that herbs and other alternative medicines are more effective, compared to traditional ones. However, most doctors do not agree with this statement. You can compare and contrast effectiveness of different medicines in your assignment.

  11. Birth control issues.
  12. Everyone knows about the main birth control methods. However, it makes sense to compare different methods and find out advantages and disadvantages of using them.

  13. Natural environment and cancer.
  14. Many scientists claim that something in our natural environment could cause cancer. It is also a good idea to figure out what activities that we carry out frequently could cause cancerous cells growth.

  15. Biological technologies.
  16. It is possible to compose a strong term paper about what biological technologies we use or could use in our everyday lives. You should as well mention pros and cons of using them.

  17. Phobias.
  18. Individuals may have different phobias. In you assignment, you could try to figure out what causes them, and how people can deal with them efficiently.

  19. Biology of sleep.
  20. Sleep in an important part of every living organism’s life. Sleeping disorders worsen a quality of life and might lead to serious health problems, so it is necessary to find the possible treatments.

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