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10 Good Topics For A Sociology Research Paper

Sociology is the study of use as human beings, the way things affect the way we act, how different cultures act socially, and how we function in all kinds of environments.  This just touches the surface of what is studied in sociology.  That is why is can be pretty easy to pick a good topic for your sociology research paper because there is some much to study about us.

10 Good Topics For Your Sociology Research Paper

  • The comparison between children raised in two different places.  You can do this with America and Europe, Asia and America and so on.  Choosing two different groups of children and examining how each were raised is a good topic for your research paper.
  • How has the Internet affect society?  Some of us couldn’t live without the Internet but how has it affect everything that we do as a society today.
  • A comparison between couples that live together and ones that have been married.  You can compare their happiness or what ones have a higher break up rate and so on.
  • Has materialism increase depression in our society today?  We have to have the newest phone, clothes, cars, etc. but has not having these things increased the depression of our society or is there another explanation for the higher rate of depression.
  • The effects of a child’s mind after their parents divorce.  About fifty percent of marriages end in divorce but how are the child that come from homes of divorce going on in society after this tragic experience.
  • What challenges do woman that work face today in society?  Both parents have to work today to make ends meet and for woman going back to work or just starting out can face some challenges.  What are those challenges and how can women overcome them?
  • What is it like to live in prison for your entire life?  With stricter laws, more and more people are being sentenced to prison but what is it like to know that you will be spending the rest of your life in prison.
  • How does parents being in jail or prison affects their children?  This topic has even been covered on Sesames Street, which means it is a bigger problem then we think.  And looking at the affects that it has on a child can make for an interesting topic.
  • How did sociology become known as a science?  You can look at the origin of the science and examine its evolution to what it is today.

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