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Tip of the Day: Top 5 US History Term Paper Ideas

Although most people think they know the US history rather well, there are still many “uncharted territories” to it. Look at them closer when picking a topic for your term paper, and you will be able to deliver an outstanding work.

  1. 9/11 and the War on Terror.
  2. Not all professors would accept papers on 21st century American history, but if yours is a lucky exception, write your term paper about the War on Terror. This broad topic is virtually inexhaustible, and extremely abundant in recent material. Based on authoritative sources, draw your conclusion on whether this war was inevitable and whether the US is winning it. To produce a controversial paper, link to the recent issue of ISIL emergence. A safer option is to focus on a seldom explored aspect of earlier events, such as the effects of 9/11 on the youth considering military service as their career option.

  3. American secret societies.
  4. Secret societies have had a great impact on American history at certain moments. Meanwhile, this topic for term papers is not often selected, so your paper will stand out. Explore the role and influence of the Illuminati, the American Freemason Society, or the Skull and Bones. To what extent did they shape American governmental system and society into what it is today?

  5. The War on Drugs.
  6. In 1986, President Reagan started the “war on drugs” to stop the epidemic use of crack. Today, can we say that the US won this war? Or other drugs, even more accessible and destructive, have come to take the place of crack? What was the progress achieved due to the “war on drugs,” and the main mistakes?

  7. The Great Depression and the New Deal.
  8. The recent economic crisis brought forth a new wave of attention towards the Great Depression and FDR’s New Deal. This topic is more actual today than it might seem. Analyze the efficiency of the New Deal in overcoming the depression. Can a similar recipe be used by the US today? Why or why not?

  9. The Civil War.
  10. Although one of the most common topics for history term papers, the Civil War provides endless opportunities. You might need to do a more extensive research to choose a less common aspect to focus on. For an original (and somewhat controversial) paper, explore Abraham Lincoln’s plan of sending the emancipated slaves away to Liberia or the motives of those Afro-Americans who fought at the side of the South.

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