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A List Of 10 Unexplored Macroeconomic Term Paper Ideas

Macroeconomics is an interesting subject for a term paper project. With the right amount of passion and interest in the subject, you can easily write a microeconomic term paper. In order to be successful, it’s important to be motivated and dedicated even when boredom sets in.

One of the most challenging aspects when it comes to writing a microeconomics term paper is choosing an interesting topic. Most students often find themselves choosing topics that have been covered extensively in the past. Due to this reason, a number of students will end up writing about the same thing. The problem with this is that nobody wants to read something that they already know. You need to choose a topic that allows you to add your insights into the existing body of knowledge if you want your term paper to stand out. In order to produce an outstanding paper, here is a list of 10 unexplored Macroeconomics term paper ideas you may consider.

  • Cigarette Taxes: This is a hot topic for discussion. You may explore issues such as whether cigarette taxes produce the desired effects of limiting the number of smokers. You can explore the distribution effects of cigarette taxes and find out whether its rich or poor citizens bear the burden of such taxes.
  • The Kyoto Protocol: This unexplored topic offers a lot to discuss. You may investigate the economic effects of this protocol for countries that signed up and those that did not sign. You can also investigate the public and economic policy changes that will have to be changed if a country like the U.S signed the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Stadium subsidies: Under this topic, you may elect to investigate the economic benefits or drawbacks of stadium subsidies.
  • Economic impact of SUVs: You may choose to explore the economic impact of SUV’s in terms of prices at the pump and prices in healthcare and the environment. You can also explore the impact of the safety record of SUVs on the economy.
  • The Easing of Credit Standards: under this topic, you may discuss how credit standards are changing and what might be the ultimate effect of such changes on the country’s households.

Other unexplored macroeconomics term paper ideas you may consider include:

  • The effects of foreign trade with emerging economies is affecting the country’s economy
  • The impact of the 2007 housing crisis on the economy of affected regions
  • The impact of austerity measures on the economy
  • The impact of tax free zones on certain sectors of the country’s economy
  • An investigation into why some economic models or theories fail when applied to real-life situations

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