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A List Of Impressive Research Paper Topics On Body Piercing

A winning topic of a research essay is a good half of your success. That’s why if you are into writing an essay, you should give enough attention to the choice of the most interesting topic. If you are allowed to invent it on your own, you can try to think over the most amazing subject on your own, or search on the Web. Body piercing and body modifications are a popular concern of users of the Internet. That’s why you will be able to receive brilliant ideas of good research paper topics.

Still, choosing or inventing one, you need to be sure that there is a good informational base that will allow you to compose a good profound research. The more relevant sources of information you will be able to find, the higher the quality of your own research will be. However, you should not copy the information you can find. Compare it, compile in a smart way, and build up your own project.

Now, let’s try to invent some interesting topics that can be provided with numerous sources of information.

  1. The culture of body decoration and modification: piercing, tattooing, scarification.
  2. Development of body piercing through centuries.
  3. Traditions of body piercing in ancient cultures.
  4. Ancient traditions of Indian body piercing and decoration.
  5. The most unusual examples of body piercing.
  6. A person with the most numerous pierces on the body.
  7. Top 10 most impressive body modifications: piercing, surgery, implantations.
  8. Beauty and danger of body piercing.
  9. Side effects and complications or poorly done body piercing.
  10. The most impressive facts you did not know about body piercing.
  11. Piercing as a means of self-expression.
  12. Ritual purposes of body modifications.
  13. How old is body piercing?
  14. Body modifications and the law in different countries of the world.
  15. The ancient meaning of the most popular body piercing options.
  16. Subcultures that especially appreciate body modifications and body piercing.
  17. Industrial and steampunk piercing: a particular style.
  18. The meaning of ear piercing for ancient sailors who crossed the equator.
  19. So-called “dental piercing”: does it pierce anything?
  20. Body piercing and stretching: the biggest ear tunnels ever.
  21. The most widely spread body piercing type (except ear lobes).
  22. How long does it take to become a body piercing specialist?
  23. The most stylish piercing in the world.
  24. Reasons why people decide to resort to body modifications.
  25. The most painful body piercing types.

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