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Fifteen Impressive Topics For Your Psychology Term Paper

A psychology term paper can be very interesting to write, but also very challenging. The topics are very often somehow vague, as anyone can bring a different interpretation for a psychological issue. We are all different and what is suitable for me, might be entirely wrong for somebody else. Either way, you need to find a subject that will be easy for you to approach, but interesting at the same time.

  1. Color therapy- Some psychologists believe that using colors we can influence our mood and our emotions.

  2. Eating disorders- This topic is very interesting because at least one of your classmates know somebody who deals with an eating disorder. It’s good to make the symptoms known so other pupils can get help.

  3. What triggers discrimination?- There is much more to this behavior that hate or ignorance. Many people have deep reasons to hate an individual culture.

  4. The difference between men and women- Men and woman have, in particular, aspects, very different personalities and characteristics. Show some differences but in a funny way.

  5. Oedipus complex- Even if it is based on an ancient myth, this complex is completely real and documented by psychologists.

  6. OCD- Even if it sounds dramatic for some, actually many people can suffer from a form of compulsive obsessive disorder without even knowing.

  7. Types of Personalities- Each person has a different kind of character; it is believed that we have it from birth, but some characteristics may vary according to the environment.

  8. Stockholm syndrome- This psychological phenomenon is very interesting to analyze, as the bond that is built between a victim and an abuser has a very unusual nature.

  9. Anxiety- A significant part of teenagers and young people nowadays suffer from anxiety without even realizing. It is easy to overcome if you have emotional support.

  10. Depression- It is a common affection nowadays, but many people avoid talking about it. Therefore, they can’t be healed.

  11. Multiple personality- This disorder is probably one of the most mysterious ones that we know. Psychologists still did not figure out what is triggering it or how it can be treated.

  12. Phobias- To have a phobia is a common thing nowadays, and people can be scared of the most strange things. The fear is not rational, so any explanation will not be enough.

  13. Group therapy- Some psychologists think that this is one of the most effective ways of therapy because it offers extended emotional support and acceptance.

  14. Love- What is love, from the scientific point of view?

  15. Parenting styles- There are many ways to educate your child, which one you think is the most effective?

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