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Brainstorming Unique Psychology Topics For A Research Paper

You can brainstorm topics for your psychology research paper by first reading over some of your favorite parts of what you learned in the class. This will help you find the most interesting subject to do your research paper on. You can also get a few of your classmates and bounce some ideas off of them. They can help you find a topic and you might be able to find them a topic as well.

Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • Why is America so obsessed with fast food? Could it be the taste? The commercials? Why are more and more people choosing to eat fast food over good food?
  • Do teens understand the consequences, when they are sexting? Sexting is the new inappropriate thing that kids are doing these days and the consequences are far bigger than the act of sexting, which includes bullying, embarrassment, and they could even get arrested.
  • How has social interaction changed over the years? We have gone from using a landline to talk to people, to cell phones, and then the Internet. How has the way we interact with people affect us as human beings?
  • Is there a link between stress and illness? We hear all the time about people saying that we are sicker if we are stressed but is that really the reason why we are sick most of the time. What data out there confirms this claim?
  • Does the order in which we are born determine or personality or achievements? Some say that in the order that we are born will tell us what kind of person we will be. Is that true or is it just a theory?
  • What are the psychological effects of torture on a person? You can do this as a general topic or you can go into great detail with all of the kinds of torture and their effects.
  • Hypnosis, what are the risks and benefits? Some might think that hypnosis doesn’t work, while other praise it as a great way to solve their problems. Look at the risks and benefits of hypnosis and analyze them.

What kind of effect does solitary confinement have on a person? Solitary confinement is used in prisons and jails to seclude an inmate that has misbehaved but is this good for them or is it actually hurting them. Look at all of the emotional effects that solitary confinement has on a person.

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