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Creating A Research Paper Cover Page – Tips For High School

Cover page is not always the mandatory element for a research paper. However, it is a great way to create a perfect first impression on the minds of the readers. Here are some tips for creating an effective cover page for high school.

Writing the Title

While creating the cover page for the paper the title of the paper must remain as the most prominent element. You should be careful about the size and placement of the title. First of all, choose the right typeface size so that it is easily readable. If the size is too small it will not be properly legible. If the size is too big it will extend from side to side and appear awkward. Choose the size depending upon the paper size. The title is usually placed at a distance one third of the height of the paper from the top.

Choose the right font

The type of font used also affects the appearance of the cover page. It is best not to use the calligraphic fonts as they tend to be less readable. Since it is a formal work of research and not an artwork, using simple Sans Serif fonts would be the best. You may also use the serif fonts but make sure that the letter and line spacing is appropriate. Use the same font for all the texts including the title. The font size for title, as abovementioned, will be bigger. For the rest of the text, use small font.

Choose the colors carefully

The color chosen for the paper cover page for high school makes may significantly determine the kind of impression it will create on the reader. Remember that the cover page is the face of the paper and hence it sets the tone for the rest of the experience. Do not use flashy, bold, and striking colors as they look unprofessional. Rather, choose neutral and sedate colors. Contrast the text and background well to enable easy readability. It is always safe to use the dark text over light background.

Mention important details

You need to use the text sparingly on the cover page. However, there are some important details that must feature on this page. Dates, your name, teacher’s name, and name of the course are some of the things that must be there on the page. Do not write the summary of the research topic no matter how relevant it may seem. However, you may include a short quote if you feel that it is extremely relevant to the writing.

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