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Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Argumentative research paper topics can be interesting to write about for a number of reasons. You have a unique opportunity to show your support for something important without actually arguing about it. You can explore two sides of an issue and present your findings while learning more about the subject. You may even learn something you did not know that gives you a new respect for the issue. At the same time, these topics can pose a challenge for student writers especially when you have to accurately back up your claim.

As a task most college and university students will be required to complete, selecting a topic for this type of essay can be a challenge. You need to be able to provide clear evidence that supports the argument you are making. How well you write the essay depends on the topic you select. Then, you have a vast select to choose from and choosing just one can be difficult when you feel you have a stand in multiple issues you feel strongly about. Keep in mind the more interesting your topic is the more likely you will be successful in writing a great argumentative essay.

Elements of a Good Argumentative Essay Topic

Your topic should be debatable. It may be something often discussed and controversial. It may invoke strong emotion and affects a large number of people. But, when you write your essay you need to remember to keep the emotional elements to a minimum. Your topic should have concise details that help readers understand the argument associated with it. You may consider choosing a topic that is not getting as much attention as you think it should. Topics of this nature should not be something general but something specific in nature that makes it different or standout.

Sample Argumentative Topics of Interest

There are interesting research paper topics to consider that are arguable, affect our society, and need attention that can benefit you and your audience. Consider the following examples to get a general idea:

  1. Social media. Do social media outlets help or hurt social relations among people? This aspect can be viewed from a teen or adult perspective.
  2. Teens and relationships. Should teenagers be allowed to get married? Should teens date in high school or wait until college?
  3. Cell phone use. If there is evidence cell phones cause cancer why are people still using them? If cell phones help save lives should more be made available for free?
  4. Healthcare. Should the government offer healthcare? Why is healthcare so expensive? If the Affordable Healthcare Initiative is so affordable why are there millions still without medical coverage?
  5. Drug use. Should marijuana be legalized? Can more be done to prevent teens from misusing over-the-counter medicines?
  6. Healthy living. Is it possible to really live a healthy lifestyle when so many things around us are not good for you? How can people living in poverty be able to live in better conditions if they cannot afford to make the change on their own?

Additional Tips on Finding Great Argumentative Topics

When you have the ability to choose your topic select something you want to argue. Choose something you feel you have a strong voice about that you are familiar with and even have discussed with others you know. Argumentative research paper topics are often issues people discuss on a daily basis such as controlling violence, economic policies, family relations, substance abuse, and safety of children. Take note of what is going on around you. What is going on in mainstream media alone is a good source to start with.

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