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In Search Of A Sample MLA Research Paper For Middle School

Modern Language Association (MLA) has introduced a particular style of writing academic papers. A certain paper when written in MLA style demonstrates the specific formatting style for its footnotes. The style is most commonly adopted by those writing research papers and citing sources within humanities and liberal arts.

An overview of the general format:

The style specifies particular guidelines used for formatting manuscripts written in English. Students or writers who use this style follow a specific system to reference their sources of information and data through parenthetical citation. The ability to use MLA properly enables a writer to build his/her credibility by being accountable to their sources of researched material. The most important benefit of using the style is it can protect students or writers from the vice of plagiarism.

What to do when a student is assigned to use MLA format?

Before getting into the creation of a research paper using MLA style, a writer must check with the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th edition).

With a proper understanding of the fundamentals of the MLA Handbook, a writer should proceed. The handbook is made available in many reference libraries, bookstores. The MLA website also allows writers to download the book.

How to collect samples of MLA style research papers?

While consulting with the MLA Handbook may help writers with their adoption to the style, a practically effective way is to collect MLA style papers which are written in this style. Nowadays, there are many websites which provide samples and writing services for beginners.

If this technique seems rigorous, writers can ask their seniors to provide their previously approved works which can be a nice demonstration of the style.

Basic facts about MLA formatting style:

  • Double spaces must be used for the text, notes, quotations, and the list of cited works.
  • One-inch margins for left, right, top and bottom part of the paper. This rule of creating margin may vary depending on the instructions of teachers.
  • Parenthetical citations for the acknowledgement of direct and indirect quotations or any ideas found from another individual.
  • A Works Cited page to show reference to all parenthetical citations.
  • The number of pages to be placed in page’s upper right hand corner.

In fine, writers or students who need to write their research papers should discuss with teachers who specialize in MLA formatting style.

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