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Selecting A Winning Technical Topic For A Research Paper

One of the key characteristics that distinct a winning writer is the topic he chooses to write. An effective title will earn you the highest grade and is the foundation of great writing. Nonetheless, most people have no prior cognition on how to achieve this. Here is a perfect solution for you.

Carry out research

The basis for topic quality writing commences with exhaustive exploration of the question. Take your time to apprehend the problem before you can embark on the task. Gather as much information as possible from a varied range of sources such as pertinent textbooks, website content, journals and magazines. After studying them, note down the information so that you do not forget.


Note down all the germane terms you want them included in your heading before you craft it. These should be appropriate descriptive words that depict the picture of the rest of the content of your text. Shun from words that are complex and those that have more than one meaning.

Brevity and conciseness

An outstanding title should not be too lengthy but should cohere to preciseness and conciseness. Let it be straightforward. The standard maximum number of words is twelve.

Consider your audience

It is true that your audience may be composed of people from distinct levels of study. Bearing in mind that you have a specific target group, employ vocabularies that are standard and relevant. Use of too difficult terms may elicit challenges in easier comprehension of the intended meaning.

Use divulging descriptive terms

Your composition will only be labelled reliable and sufficient if correct descriptive words are employed. Wrong choice of words can cost you to a great extent and hence, end up with low marks. Simply by the look of it, the reader should be able to tell what the rest of the information is about.

Be original

Unparalleled writers are defined by creative mind. Most of those who employ the most obvious words in their work are certain of low quality paper. Therefore, learn to use synonyms of word if you really want to repeat an obvious idea. In most cases, come up with unique compositions that only a few other authors can think of.

Adherence to the instruction

When a lecturer presents you with a question, he or she normally accompanies it with a specific set of principles governing formatting techniques such as spacing between words, inclusion of a running head, font and font size. Therefore, be certain to apprehend and apply them in the course of your work.

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