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Great Topic Ideas for Sociology Research Papers

You need a god topic if you want to impress people with your sociology paper. In this case “good” means original and captivating. It’s best to write about some controversial issue as it’s easier to catch the readers’ attention this way.

If you cannot think of anything interesting enough, use the following ideas for inspiration:

  1. Does South Park accurately reflect modern American culture?

    This topic is bound to attract attention and even cause outrage in some of the readers. This is why it’s essential to focus on gathering solid evidence to support every argument you make. You also need to think through the contra-arguments that will be used by your opposition and destroy them with logical reasoning.

  2. How do supermarkets manipulate the consumers’ minds?

    Explain various tools used by supermarket owners to “guide” their consumers and suggest some effective ways of avoiding this influence. Or you can choose a more untraditional approach and dedicate this paper to developing more effective methods of subtle influence.

  3. Assimilation in college: How do people change in this environment?

    Study several cases as well as organize some polls to gather enough data to build a solid paper on.

  4. Should boys cry? How this particular gender stereotype affects a child’s psyche?

    Explain the causes and effects of crying and determine how a person’s inability to cry affects their character and mental stability. Can this stereotype be broken? What caused it to appear?

  5. Will virtual reality be used as a form of extreme escapism?

    Try to predict how releasing this kind of product will affect the already Internet-addicted society of today. What kind of crisis can this lead to?

  6. The connection between wealth and ethics.

    This paper will require a lot of research. Bear in mind that you need to use solid evidence, not the hearsay from cheap tabloids.

  7. What kind of effect does the “16 and Pregnant” show has on teenagers?

    Does it help promote teenage pregnancy? If it helps the young mothers deal with their situation, how exactly does it achieve this goal?

  8. What is more sexy, beauty or brains?

    Today society experiences another change in priorities and standards. Trace its development and causes. Determine where it will lead us.

  9. Are poor people responsible for their predicament?

    You will need to do a thorough study of many different cases. Be detached and objective in your assessments. Explain the reasons of every regularity you discover.

  10. Is love for children determined by gender?

    Analyze parent-children relationships in several families. Study the four family types: full happy family, single-parent home, gay family and a full abusive family.

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