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20 Great History Research Paper Topics For Students

Research of historical topics can be both simpler and harder than in other subjects for this reason: most of the topics covered are no longer in progress but the information that remains about them may be faulty. As a student, the topic you choose should reflect this and be capable of being adequately explored using whatever resources and time you have available to you. The following topics are some that you can consider:

  1. What cultural similarities led to the creation of pyramids in both North Africa and South America?
  2. How did the Spanish Inquisition affect Spain’s economic status?
  3. Do historical records support the existence of a land mass now known as Atlantis?
  4. How many waves of explorers reached the new world before Columbus?
  5. What alternatives to the ‘Out of Africa” theory have been proposed?
  6. What historical examples exist of a consistent non-binary state of gender and sexuality?
  7. Based on the historical correlation between exploration and wealth generation can a case be made for more resources to be diverted into space travel?
  8. What cultural connectivity exists between the indigenous tribes of both North and South America?
  9. What historical evidence exists of the fluidity of the concept of race?
  10. How might history have been altered by the pursuit of solar power rather than petroleum?
  11. Should the people of Haiti be compensated by France for Napoleon’s role in their economic demise?
  12. How would history have been altered by Hitler winning World War two and fully establishing his third Reich?
  13. What cultural context allowed Thomas Edison to appropriate the works of Nikola Tesla?
  14. How has the world been affected by the widespread use of lead in the early 1900’s?
  15. To what extent does public perception accurately reflect the European conquest of Africa?
  16. Would Scotland have been independent today had William Wallace survived?
  17. Does the discovery of the ruins of cities once thought to be mythological give greater weight to stories often dismissed as folktales?
  18. To what extent do historical accounts give weight to the existence of cryptozoological creatures?
  19. How were the reigns of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan similar?
  20. How has Australia’s history as a penal colony affected its present crime patterns?

These topics are also great for practicing your research skills before you start your final paper.

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