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Academic Writing Lessons: Crafting A Thesis Statement For A Research Paper

Research paper assignments involve several steps that can be challenging for students. From deciding on a topic to finding the best research to organizing and writing the paper, students can easily fall behind if they do not understand how to complete one of the steps. The earliest stages of the research paper project include choosing a topic, conducting quick research, and creating a thesis statement.

Narrow the Focus of Your Topic

Since research papers are meant to be persuasive, the topic you choose will not be the complete focus of the paper. This is why quick, preliminary research needs to be conducted. Narrowing the topic into something you can argue is vital to the success of the research paper. For example, if you choose a topic like economics, you cannot simply write a research about economics. The topic is too broad. So, you need to research economics to find a subtopic that you can focus on and develop an argumentative thesis, too. You could write about the importance of businesses turning to a mobile platform as your focused topic and you could prove how businesses cannot succeed without the ability to perform on smartphones.

Know What Research is Available

The best thing to do when you are ready to create your thesis is to decide exactly what you are going to prove. The idea of mobile platforms being the key to success for businesses is not quite a thesis. The thesis statement needs to be one sentence in length. It needs to be big enough to cover the entire research paper and it needs to be small enough that your paper does not need to be extremely long. There also needs to be research that can support your thesis, so if the research does not match, then you should adjust the thesis to fit the research you can find. You cannot prove a point if you do not have the facts to prove it.

Craft the Thesis after Writing the Body Paragraph Outline

Some people will write their thesis as they craft their outlines. They will look at the facts and support they have in the body paragraphs first. Then, they will design a thesis to fit the body paragraphs. Working this way will guarantee that your thesis fits your paper; however, it can be difficult to stay focused while researching. If you are going to create your thesis this way, then you should keep the general idea of the thesis in your mind as you research.

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