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A List of Sociology Research Paper Topics for High School Students

This list of sociology research paper topics for high school students presents a thorough perspective of the discipline, without presenting too great a challenge that students at this level would find researching any of these topics overwhelming. For more than a century, research in sociology has covered a vast range of topics, theories and methodologies. Here are some research paper topic ideas:

Urban Sociology in the 21st Century: Consider life and human interaction in major metropolitan areas in the current century. How has technology played a role in affecting structures and processes in the urban areas?

Sociology of Religion: Using the methods and tools of the sociology discipline, what can be said about various world beliefs, practices, and traditions as they relate to organized forms of religion? How do these compare with non-organized forms of religion?

Family Sociology in the 21st Century: Examining the family as an institution and unit of socialization, how has the 21st century affected change or consistency of said unit? What does the relationship between the nuclear family and interaction with community say about the different roles of each family member?

Sociology of Culture: This branch of sociology deals with the systematic analysis of culture having to deal with the symbols used by members of a society. What do symbols hold in affecting the way people communicate and interact in a given society?

Rural Sociology: Associated traditionally with the study of social structures and rural areas, there are many sub-topics including food, agriculture and natural resources that transcend boundaries. As such how have communities developed considering these shared and fought-over elements?

Sociology of Gender: As one of the most prominent sub-topics of sociology, gender brings up discussions about when gender differences and expectations begin in different societies.

Sociology of Drug Use: Looking at drug use in terms of social context questions of drug effects, drug definitions, drug experience and drug-related behavior are brought to the for front. Combining any two of these provides for an excellent research topic.

History of Sociology: Sociology is said to have emerged soon after the French Revolution as a result of the philosophy of knowledge combined with the philosophy of science. What effects has the study of sociology itself had on shaping and influencing culture and societies after the French Revolution?

Sociology and Criminology: This sub-field examines crime from a sociological point of view and consider the question of crime as both an individual and social problem that cannot be fully understood without relating it to the social, political and economical context that surrounds us.

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