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10 Great Research Paper Topics for the Great Gatsby

Before looking at some of the fresh ideas for research paper topics on The Great Gatsby, it is important to ask WHAT IS A GREAT TOPIC? " " can help you with choosing a topic. A few qualities make a research topic great.

Captivating- the topic highlights the issues being tackled in an academic paper. It must therefore arouse curiosity and be striking enough such that a reader perusing through several papers will find it difficult to skip.

Fresh- the topic for a research paper on the Great Gatsby should indicate a new approach in the academic world. Areas and perspectives that have been studied over the years are boring to read. A reader is likely to assume when perusing through several papers. Ensure that your topic indicates a fresh approach.

Memorable- a memorable topic is referred to on many occasions. It also is easier for the lecturer to refer students to the paper because the title is easy to remember.

Inclusive and accurate- the topic must indicate the content of a research paper. It also must indicate the boundaries covered by the paper. An example is when you are writing on economics. The title should indicate if it is about a country, a continent or a particular industry like the oil industry, etc.

Some of the most compelling topics for research papers on the Great Gatsby include:

  1. Discuss how Americans lost such values as integrity and respect in the search for the American dream.
  2. What parallels can be drawn between the life in the 1920’s and now based on The Great Gatsby?
  3. How are the themes of voting rights for women, social classes and conspicuous consumption expressed in the Great Gatsby?
  4. According to Fitzgerald, roaring 20s led to the ‘greatest, gaudiest spree in history’. Discuss.
  5. Explain the origin of the consumerism obsession based on texts from The Great Gatsby.
  6. The Great Gatsby dwells on the themes of modernism between the 1890 and 1945. Explain.
  7. Loyalty and fidelity in marriage are overpowered by cold and calculative personal moves according to The Great Gatsby. How is this manifested in the society today?
  8. A research paper on the alcoholism, bootlegging and role prohibition as a part of modernism according to The Great Gatsby.
  9. Alcoholism is disguised in an urban lifestyle according to Fitzgerald. Discuss.
  10. Urbanization led to such evils as infidelity, reckless behavior, moral decay and battered relationships. Discuss.

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