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6 Interesting Topics To Write A Math Research Paper On

Selecting a math research paper topic may sometimes cause you great problems – staring at a blank piece of paper with a blank mind will waste you loads of time, plenty of disasters ideas etc. However, by knowing few basic advices, not only will you improve scores, but increase your chances for a better grade on research papers. The first and main tip is to choose a topic that you are fully interested in. As there are dozens of math themes that include a wide range of genres, it won’t be that difficult for you to pick up the most interesting one. Why the topic should intrigue you? Mainly, because your readers can tell, if the author was interested in the writing or not. Secondly, if the reader will be bored already after the thesis statement, it is unlikely for you to get high marks. Next, even if you have weeks to complete your work, try to choose topic you already know what to write about. Thus, you will facilitate the writing process and shorten the researching part, because most of the information is already in your head. Measure your knowledge carefully, and ask yourself, if you are able to fill from five to ten blank pages of your essay. Also, try to avoid very broad topics, keep improving it until it’s implementable. Try to approach your topic in an engrossing way. This will help you to control your thoughts, figure out the structure of your future math research paper and formulate the thesis statement. If you already know your topic, start researching process. To clarify your idea, visit the local library for some specialized books, journals, encyclopedias and so on. To avoid forgetting your ideas write them down on blank piece of paper. Now it is time for brainstorming – choosing the best idea from your list and opening a specialized dictionary to write down useful key words or ideas that pop out at you.

However, if you still don’t have a smallest idea about your future topic – here are 6 most interesting themes to write about:

  • How were calculations founded?
  • The invention of cryptograph and other related key systems.
  • Ancient Greece mathematics.
  • Fibonacci numbers.
  • The discovery of PI.
  • The problems of explaining a theorem. Ways to solve.

Don’t forget that good mathematical writing like every other skill should be practiced and developed for excellent result.

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