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Rethinking The Classics: The Top 10 Fresh Hamlet Research Paper Topics

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is one of his most popular works and can be read and wrote about in just about every school in America. That is why it might be hard to try to come up some fresh ideas for research paper. There are so many angles that you can take on Hamlet and it can be hard to think of a great topic to do. If you are having troubles coming up with a new topic then you can try some of these below.

10 Hamlet Research Paper Topics

  • When you are reading or writing a drama, there has to be conflict. Write about the inward and outward conflict that Hamlet faced in the story.
  • How does the seven monologues that Hamlet has in the play tell you about his character?
  • Is Hamlet is a tragedy but is it a tragedy because of his revenge?
  • Go into great detail about the relationship that Hamlet and Gertrude share in the story.
  • Why was Denmark the perfect place as a setting for the story and what is the importance of it being set there?
  • Ophelia and Hamlet, what was the significance of Ophelia to him and was he really in love with her?
  • Some say that Claudius was very similar to Macbeth and the two are often compared. How are they similar and in what ways?
  • Take Hamlet and Horatio and compare and contrast the characters. How are they alike and different and explain why?
  • Compare and contrast Fortinbras and Hamlet, is he a valuable character in the story or simply a person that helps show Hamlet’s personality?
  • Goethe’s opinion of the famous character and his conclusion tell a lot about Hamlet. Do you agree or disagree with what Goethe’s option?

Hamlet is a very popular story by Shakespeare and has been made into movies. It’s hard to analyze a story that has been analyzed over and over again but if you look at it in a different way then your research paper will be different than all the rest no matter what question you answer. You can take a question that has been done before and breath life into if with your answer. That is why when you are doing research on something like Hamlet, you should get all of the information but look at it differently than others have and then you will have a fresh idea for your topic for your research paper.

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