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20 Topic Ideas A Technology Student Can Use To Write A Strong Term Paper

Either term paper writing can be an exciting exercise of your tech mind or it can be a complete disaster of hellish boredom and half-chewed nails. The thing that determines which one it is going to be is your topic. Choose a topic that intrigues you so that your research becomes a learning process, your essay or term paper a breathless account of excitement!

  1. Is the Internet truly free? What are controls, visible and invisible, that determine what we encounter on the Internet?
  2. How technology makes this decade different from the last. What advantages and disadvantages has technology brought that were nonexistent back then?
  3. Does the technology savvy teenager face a greater generation gap with his or her parents? Yes or no
  4. Is the technology bubble getting bigger or smaller? Is it going to burst soon? Explain
  5. Health benefits/hazards of Internet and other technology involving gadget use
  6. Where is physical exercise in the world of smart phones and laptops?
  7. Social media and its impact on the US society/ Impact on third world societies
  8. Networking through technology: Are the connections real? Can they be called relationships?
  9. Technology and its use in global terrorism
  10. Nuclear technology: How responsible is it to develop nuclear weapons in a world rife with conflict?
  11. Technology and natural sciences: Is technology helping pave the way or diverting research into darkness?
  12. Information technology and privacy: How safe is our data on the Internet? Is it ethical for states to be able to watch their citizens whenever they like?
  13. Is censorship becoming necessary on the Internet? Why is it so? Who should hold the power to decide?
  14. Is technology the culprit in destroying the environment? Yes or No, If yes, how? If no, what is?
  15. Is biotechnology changing our food in ways that we do not understand/that are hazardous to the human body? Who gains by GM foods? Can there be controls in place to improve what is advantageous and reject that, which is harmful yet profitable?
  16. Pioneering works in information technology.
  17. Can technology offer a solution to the world’s problems?
  18. Should identification and licensing documents be replaced with a chip implanted in the skin?
  19. The shape of the world in 2050. Will technology help/let the human species survive?
  20. Can technology prevent/divert natural disasters? How?

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