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Writing Ideas For High School: A List Of Outstanding Research Paper Topics

Many high school students think that the most difficult part of a research paper assignment is choosing an outstanding topic. It is hard to pick a subject of interest because there are too many ideas to consider. The following suggestions and sample topics will help you focus your writing and compose an interesting topic for your assignment.

General Suggestions on Choosing a Research Paper Topic

You should keep in mind that a research paper is a time-consuming assignment, so you should write about something that sustains your interest for a while. It is a good idea to consider a topic that is somehow relevant to your life. For example, if you want to become an engineer, you can study construction technologies or technologies available to help homeowners conserve energy.

The most popular research areas include engineering, education, politics, environmental sciences, business and marketing, macroeconomics, and art. You should select a broader topic first and then narrow it down to focus your work and obtain unique results. The following list of sample topics for high school consists of both broad and narrow topics. You may choose one of them as it is or modify it to meet your requirements.

Some Research Paper Topics to Consider

You can find a list of good research paper topics to consider on the website of your school’s library, academic writing lab, and on numerous educational portals. You can also consult your instructor and ask him or her for some advice on how to choose a manageable topic. To get started, you can also select one of the topic ideas provided below:

  1. The main arguments pro and against abortion.

  2. The benefits of student placement by academic ability, as compared to placement by age.

  3. The discrimination issues in education in Asia.

  4. The key characteristics of teaching as a service profession.

  5. The typical sources of education funding in developed countries.

  6. What a smart watch is and how it works.

  7. How to select a healthy diet to prevent obesity.

  8. What the most effective weight loss training programs are.

  9. The reasons why vaccination is necessary.

  10. How technology influences the ways children communicate with each other.

  11. The most popular team sports in your area and their social effects.

  12. How island states in Oceania adapt to climate change.

  13. How to fight noise pollution in big cities.

  14. The similarities and differences between organic and conventional farming techniques.

  15. The concept of normality and how it can be defined in different situations.

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