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How To Cite Sources In A Research Paper In Chicago Style: 4 Simple Tips

Chicago writing style is also known as Turabian, it is known for been commonly used in history, art and the humanities. First of all, why do we cite? Citations are important to enable build credibility and to allow readers locate your source. Failure to document your sources is plagiarism, which has several consequence and punishment.

The Chicago writing style technique for citations has a broad scope of rules and regulations; however the main requirements will be covered here. The main aim of this tips is to assist you in deciding which citation method you want to use and if you can meet up with the requirements. The simple tips stated below would help you out of what could turn into a very embarrassing situation and will help you understand that writing citations with Chicago writing style could be very easy.

  • Author-Date pattern- Author-date style, requires the use of parenthetical references in the text of the essay as well as a List of References. You are required to write the name of the author followed by the date of publication of the thesis or paper

  • Note Style- The various used research sources will be indicated in the text with a numerical subscript at the top or by the side that corresponds to an entry at the endnotes. Endnotes are found at the bottom of the page, and they are not the same as footnotes. If you decide to go with endnotes, then bibliography will be required at the end of the research paper to explain further the contents in the endnote.

  • Always make sure to leave a blank between remaining citations so as to avoid a cluttered work.

  • Label the first page of the back page where you intend on listing sources, and your comprehensive list of sources should be titled as “Bibliography” (for Notes and Bibliography style) or “References” (for Author-Date style).

  • It is essential that every single source used in writing the paper must be cited. To avoid mistakes, it is best to start jotting down all the sources you come across in the process of your research for the paper. This method will make your documentation process easier and eventually faster. With the tips mentioned above it will you pick out a pattern and keep you from going astray on your research paper.

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