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Coming Up With Fresh Philosophy Topics For Term Papers

If you are tasked with writing a philosophy term paper and you are struggling to come up with a good topic, consider the following:

  • Discuss whether a God does exist and if so, how can people know this?
  • Write about whether world peace can be achieved through the eradication of humans.
  • Write a paper about whether the death penalty is considered morally justified.
  • Write about whether human beings are actually a disease on mother earth and if the earth would be better off without the influence of human beings
  • Debate whether spanking is morally justified. Is it acceptable to spank children with belts or to spank dogs with newspapers?
  • Debate whether people in stampedes should be charged with murder, when someone is accidentally stepped on to death.
  • Write about whether God is considered perfect, and if that is true, then wouldn’t God have known about the flaws that were made in Adam and Eve which led to the eating of the forbidden fruit?
  • Write a paper that debates whether all actions that people make are ethically subjective and whether there is even such a thing as morality
  • Write a paper that discusses whether not knowing something is considered to be a form of actually knowing
  • Discuss whether a skill in a particular art form loses the impressiveness it holds as the skill holder ages
  • Review whether life is meaningless and whether people should bother searching for meaning in their daily life

Brainstorming exercises can help you to grab onto the creative ideas that are currently buried in your subconscious. While it is true that you only use 10% of your brain, this actually are refers to 10% of your conscious brain. The other 90% of your brain is subconscious and it is always working. But it is working in the background. So you might consciously struggle to come up with a topic that you think is interesting, but in the background your subconscious has already been mulling over potential topics and might have something perfect and creative that you can write about. If you really want to latch onto this information you have to utilize brainstorming exercises so that you can freely write down anything that is in your mind and get all of your conscious thoughts out-of-the-way so that you can focus on letting the subconscious creative thoughts come forward.

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