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How To Write A Biology Research Paper Without Spending Much Time On It

Just because you are writing a Biology research paper does not mean that you have to spend forever on it. Did you know that you can get through this without spending as much time as a lot of people often do? It is all about how you organize yourself, and your ideas, and you will have a very good biology research paper in no time. The following are simple guidelines to get you through:


As you think about your introduction, be sure that it is a topic that you can note down in one sentence without making it too complex for the reader. The reader needs to understand your topic at first glance.

Of course the examiners have been around long enough and they have probably gone through so many papers like yours, but always try and assume that you are reading this to them for the first time, so wow them with your introduction.

State the problem

Just as you are getting done with your introduction, you have to state the problem that you are trying to solve. Biology papers, just like other scientific papers can have a simple topic, but the dissection of that topic can be a bit tricky. Therefore first understand the topic, and the problem that you are trying to solve.

Ask yourself whether you are in a good position to find feasible ways of solving the problem. The main idea in your paper is to come up with a problem that you can solve, not one that you will leave hanging. Owing to their experience, your examiners have probably come through a lot of topics before, and they will easily tell whether you are heading in the right direction or not.

The research question

You can summarize your research question in one simple sentence; why no one has been able to answer that research question yet. This gives you a leeway on exploring the failed attempts at covering the question adequately, while at the same time giving you a chance to use such failures as points to help build your research.

Key impact of the research

Ask yourself the impact that the research is going to have. Remember that we are not looking at the result of an experiment, but what we are looking for here is a summary of the implications that your research will have when it is complete. You can also make suggestions as to avenues for future research.

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