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A Manual For Composing A Research Paper About Economic Problems

The economy is on the minds of most people nowadays due to its ability to fluctuate and send societies in a tailspin. If that is your chosen field of study, you may find that the papers you produce end up impacting the lives of people in far reaching ways. Here is a short manual to help you compose that type of research:

  • Select an economic problem
  • There is no shortage of these to choose from. Skyrocketing inflation and unemployment are two of the easiest ones but you could just as easily go into the impact of conspicuous consumption on the trade deficits of developing countries. Your choice at this stage will have much to do with your own preferences.

  • Look for research on it that has been compiled by previous economists
  • Having chosen a problem, it is necessary that you find out what respected economists have to say about it. You can even look through the work of people who have remained on the fringes of the subject but have still gotten published. Until you earn a doctorate, you need them to back up anything you claim.

  • Decide which perspective you would like to take
  • Once you know what others have said you will be better able to articulate your opinion on the matter. If you are still uncertain you have the option of jumping back to the previous step in this manual or going through the following step and hoping something clicks.

  • Collect additional information
  • Try conducting interviews or reading through the census information. These can be treasure troves for the budding researcher.

  • Begin to compile your findings
  • At this stage you should have the beginnings of a very good paper. It will not yet be perfect but once you have a rubric to follow you can look between it and everything you have compiled. Do internet searches to fill in the missing pieces.

  • Format your work for submission
  • This is the absolute last stage. If you have a template handy you can just input the data and everything should be fine. If you need more than this, have the guideline booklet on hand and refer to it frequently. This is also the prefect time to proofread and check for style errors that may lower your grade. Get someone you trust to help you if you think your quality is in decline.

With that in mind, you may even solve the problem you researched.

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