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How To Find Good Topics For A 5-Page Research Paper

A research paper gives you the possibility to widen your knowledge and to get new, interesting information. When you have this kind of homework, it is best to choose something that you are interested in because you will write easier, and you will be motivated to make more and more research. Also, the subject needs to be engaging and helpful for your classmates, and you need to bring enough and valid evidence in your paper to make it complete.

There are many niches from where you can choose a good topic, and here are some ideas for you:

  • Civil disobedience. Breaking the law is bad, but people say that breaking the law for a good cause is understandable and forgivable. What do you think?

  • The history of religion. What is the oldest religion known to humanity? How did we reach from worshipping nature to the modern religions? Make a complete presentation.

  • Recreational drugs. Even if some doctors say that these drugs do not cause any physical or mental damage, it is still a risk for young consumers and teenagers that can easily be attracted to illegal drugs.

  • Free health care. Many countries offer free medical attention, but in countries like USA health care is very expensive and not accessible to everyone. Present the most efficient health systems in the world.

  • Communism. This ideology bought many years of suffering for people who lived in communist countries, but what are the basic principles of it? How many communist countries do you know?

  • Vaccines. Some doctors seem to think that vaccines can be more harmful than beneficial for children while others say that they are absolutely necessary for a healthy development.

  • Pornography. Some communities consider pornography as a damaging practice, especially when it is so accessible for young people. Do you think it should be illegal?

  • Alternative energy sources. There are so many ways to obtain energy, which we can hope in a few years to eliminate the traditional methods that pollute our planet. Which ones seem to be the most useful ones?

  • Global warming. This term is used a lot in the last years in many debates, but all your classmates know exactly what it means? Make a presentation where you explain this process, the causes and the repercussions and present some valid options to stop it.

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